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Interactive Tools

  • The ActiView 324 visual presenter enables printed materials and objects to be viewed and shared with the entire class. This offers opportunities for collaboration in the classroom as it facilitates the sharing of information and work, as well as enabling students to engage collectively with 3D objects. Uniquely integrated with ActivInspire software, images can be annotated over and saved in flipchart format or images and video can be automatically inserted into flipchart pages.

Operating Systems

  • For Use with ActivInspire
    PC: Windows XP SP 3 and above
    Macintosh: OSX 10.6.8 – 10.8.1
    (Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion)
    Linux Ubuntu 12.04


  • Pentium 4 – 1 GHz processor (800MHz for Vista), 512 MB of RAM, 1024x768 resolution,
    1.5 GB of Free Disk Space


  • Intel Processors (Universal Binary), 512 MB of RAM, 1024x768 resolution, 3.0 GB of Free Disk Space


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