Interactive White Boards


StarBoard FX-79E2 series interactive whiteboards bring finger-driven interactivity to your classroom or conference room. These models combine simplicity of design and solid surface with the latest interactive technology. Their finger- driven features and multi-touch gesture capabilities make StarBoard FX-79E2 intuitive for anyone to use. The large surface of these boards provides an additional working space and contributes to comfortable group work.




Promethean ActivBoard

Promethean's commitment to education and its' improvement is evident in the newly formed consulting group. Promethean committed to hiring leading educators with extensive experience in systemic improvement, digital and print curriculum development, technology integration and student services. The over-arching theme of the consulting group is one of School Improvement. With over 100 years of education experience from classroom to district level administrative appointments the consulting group will provide a school based or systemic evaluation with detailed plans to reach stated goals..