Promethean ARAPEN4AC3 ActivArena 50

ActivArena 50 for ActivBoard 300 Pro


  • Dual pen functionality
  • Used for ActivBoard 300 Pro
  • Ergonomic design for ease of handling and interaction
  • Intuitive to use for writing and annotation
  • Wireless
  • Battery-free


Accessories for Interactive Screens / Whiteboards



  • Type - Digital Pen
  • Customizable function buttons for the interactive whiteboard for use with pen mode
  • Provides three side buttons
    Mouse events can be assigned to these buttons as desired by the user

InFocus SP-LAMP-070 Replacement Lamps  


  • Lamp life: 5000 hours (Eco Mode), 3500 hours (Normal Mode)
  • Warranty: 6 months

ActivSlate 60


Promethean ActivSlate 60 Wireless digitizer board Works with all Promethean ActivBoards Activslate enables you to take control of the Activboard from anywhere in the room.


ActivHub AH201


The ActivHub AH201 enables many of Promethean's products to communicate without wires. including ActivSlate, ActiVote, ActivExpression plus ActivBoard 300


Promethean Activwand Works


Promethean ActivWand Works. 50cm long (ActivPen) Activwand allows smaller children or those sitting down to reach all parts of the board without the aid of steps. Old Activboard Range (ActivBoard 64, 78, 87, 95 Only).